Pyrate History:

“Golden Age of Piracy” dated 1660-1726.


A Privateer was the Captain and his ship that were authorized by a particular Country to attack other Countries ships and take the “booty” and split it with the Privateer and Country supporting the Privateer.

Pyrate Defination:

Pyrate or commonly known today as “Pirates” comes form the term Piracy meaning robbery or illegal violance at sea. Pyrates are individuals that choose to take to the High Seas and to commander whatever is available with or without violance. Most of the time, there we several groups of ships that committed Piracy as a group.

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Jolly Roger Past, Present and Future

The Jolly Roger has been sailing free for over several centuries now. Flying your Jolly Roger, getting your own personal Jolly Roger certified, it’s all about the “Freedom” of your spirit in owning your own Jolly Roger.

A skull and crossbones is a symbol consisting of a human skull and two long bones crossed together under the skull. The design originates in the Late Middle Ages as a symbol of death and especially as a memento on tombstones.

A pirate or “Jack” as otherwise known as, flew the Jolly Roger during the Later Middle Ages (into the 1400s), the use of the skull and crossbones began to diminish until it was almost non-existent. The symbol was essentially unused during the following century, until it was adopted by some of the most feared people in the world – pirates. Originally, pirates used simply a red flag on the top of their ships’ mast. The red symbolized bloodshed, and the fact that the pirates gave no quarter (show no mercy). However, many pirates soon changed their flags from red to black, and began to weave the skull and crossbones into them. The Jolly Roger, as the flag came to be called, symbolized death to its purveyors in its color and in its symbol. "The skull-and-crossbones emblem [was] adopted by pirates as a sinister warning of their evil intentions. The emblem filled sailors with dread and signaled death to all who saw it."


Some of the famous pirate flags used from 1693 to 1724 are shown below:

Used by Captain Emanuel Wynne.
Captain Edward Teach aka Blackbeard's Jolly Roger.
The Jolly Roger of Captains Jean Thomas Dulaien and later, Walter Kennedy.
Captain Bartholomew Roberts' Jolly Roger showing him and a skeleton holding an hourglass.