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Motto: “My Jolly Roger”
Creed: “Live and Die Under It”
Code: The Articles of Agreement

Commitments of the Pyrate’s Code


Established June 1, 2018, Costa Rica , SA

The International Jolly Roger Registry SRL was established in Costa Rica in 2018. The purpose of the International Jolly Roger Registry is to journal or “Register” each individuals “Personal” emblem or logo. This means, each emblem or logo will be Internationally Registered to the “Individuals” that register with the International Jolly Roger Registry.

Each Flag will have its own individual design and will be approved by the Jolly Roger Registry and assigned to the Jolly Rogers assigned number. That will remain permanent in the books and records of the Jolly Roger Registry.

Once registered you have your own emblem for your flag . Your emblem represents you the same way a family crest does. The Jolly Roger registry will make your flag, designed by you, and it will be your official flag certified from the registry. All certified products and services will come directly from the Jolly Roger Registry to be officially considered “Jolly Roger Certified”. This is an important issue that keeps everyone’s own personal identity and certifications safeguarded.

It is simple to get started and register at the Jolly Roger Registry your own name and “emblem” flag. Go to the “Get Started” button on the website to sign up and develop your Jolly Roger Identity.

Let the Fun began!

The time period during the “Gloden Age of Piracy” is the period most recoganizable today. Over time in history, many have romanticized the “Golden Age of Piracy” from this unforgettable historical period. But in the end, once you were a Pyrate you were on the other end of the Law.

The “Jolly Roger” represents the identity of the Captian of the ship and these individuals mostly styled flags representing their motives. This is the basic concept of the Jolly Roger flag. The International Jolly Roger Registry’s intentions are to carry on the tradition of individual flag representation.

Most of the history of the Jolly Roger is based upon Pyrates and their freedom on the high seas and away from government and what they felt as certain opressions of life. This concept is also a big part of the philosophy of the International Jolly Roger Registry to incorporate each individuals personality and identity into their Own Personal “Jolly Roger”.

This is how it all started. .

Come experience the new Jolly Roger International Family.